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Here are all the product reviews that have been generously contributed by purchasers. We publish them in the hope that they will help you find the products that are right for you.
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I bought the brush is for my girlfriend as a gift. It is beautiful and works very well. Makes her hair shiny and smooth and honestly well worth the hefty price. Also it was surprisingly fast shopping.

Mason Pearson Handy Bristle Brush

I bought the Handy Bristle from Mason Pearson and it’s a great size. My 30-year old MP is a little larger and this size is so nice. Also have a pocket size for my purse. Purchase and shipping were effortless and arrived on time nicely packaged in my mail box. Great service!

Best hairbrush ever!

My first brush was the mixed pocket size that bought 8 years ago, this's my second brush and I absolutely love it! The shipping is quick. Will buy from here again!

Cannot beat a Mason Pearson brush!

Ok, so crazy to pay such a high price, but man! What a perfect detangler!

Mason Pearson Universal Hair Brush (NU2)

Excellent. I have been using these brushes for over 50 years.

Great Service

So far bought 5 Mason Pearson brushes of different sizes. I love the brushes and the service

Finally bought one for my daughter because she couldn’t brush through her hair with any brush but mine (same brush in pink). This brush is fantastic, feels so nice on the hair, and leaves it smooth. Worth every penny. Love the unique color too. Tressence has the best prices, ships carefully and quickly, and yes, these are authentic.

as expected- smaller size is suitable for every day use and fits in larger purse. gentle on my fine hair.

Very fast shipping and well packed

Not sure

I have heard of the Mason Pearson Brushes for years and finally decided to splurge and get one. I was hesitant because they really can’t be returned and I was wondering if it would be worth the money. For me, it really wasn’t the best brush ever. I like a brush to reach my scalp and this one doesn’t. My old brush I had for years was not cheap but not extremely expensive. It has lasted for years and gives you a really good feeling of brushing your hair and scalp. It has nylon bristles but they are firm. I probably would have given the Mason Pearson just a three but I guess it is maybe slightly better than average. Sorry…I wanted to absolutely love it!.

New brush - overall nice

I followed the recommendations for the type of brush based on my hair length and thickness. I do feel that I should have purchased the mixed bristle brush instead as the brush I purchased doesn’t feel like it goes through my hair. It just brushes the surface and not down to the scalp or full thickness of my hair (which isn’t thick).


Excellent website to purchase Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush.

This is magic!

It took me years to convince myself to buy a Mason Pearson brush because of the cost. I can say just after a few weeks, it’s magic. It glides through my fairly thick hair with ease and with regular brushing it stays smooth and shiny. It’s worth it.

Best Brush Ever!

I bought this brush as a gift-because it’s the best small purse size brush on the planet! It lasts a lifetime!

Must have hair tool (B3 - Bristle Brush)

My hair definitely needed this brush.
Silky and knot free now. Thank you!

The Ivory Is Beautiful

My hair and scalp benefits live up to all the claims made. This was the best investment for my hair and scalp no more irritated dry scalp. Howard was very helpful with me choosing the right brush for my grey short length bob. The packaging noteworthy. Received sooner than expected. Next purchase pocket. Thanks!

Love my brush

I'm so happy to have found a place to get a legit Mason Pearson and not a fake.

Mason Pearson Popular Hair Brush (BN1)

Best of the best

I won’t use any other brushes. They last a lifetime, unless your dog chews them :(


The response time was great and they shipped promptly.

why not?!

a real mason pearson brush at a discount! why wouldn’t you buy it?? and the brush is obviously amazing but we all know that already!

The brush was beautiful and my Granddaughter loved having her own child sized brush. I ordered the brush a little too close to Christmas and didn’t see anywhere to check expedited delivery. I emailed Tressence and asked if it was possible to purchase expedited delivery after I had submitted my order. They immediately got back to me and said it was taken care of. I received the brush a few days later! I will definitely order from them again.

My Wife LOVES it!!!

For once, my wife truly loves my gift to her. She uses her brush daily, and she literally hasn't stopped talking about how happy she is with it. Thank YOU for such speedy service with my order.