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Here are all the product reviews that have been generously contributed by purchasers. We publish them in the hope that they will help you find the products that are right for you.
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Great Comb, Great Gift

This is a stocking stuffer for my daughter this year. She loves the handle and ease that the comb goes through her hair without pulling or tearing. Great product!

Awesome Pocket Brush for School Backpack

Found this store again from original paperwork and purchase over 5 years ago. They provided excellent service and the shipping was fast and free. This was a purchase for my teen daughter to bring to school to control her tresses and the snarls and tangles she gets in her fine, curly hair. She loves it and her hair looks even better, shiny and thicker. Less complaining too. Thanks!

Great comb

Excellence products and guidance

I enjoy the way the nylon part of the brush massages my scalp while the boar bristles polish my hair. Both brushes work well for me. I use the nylon one while styling my wet hair ( not with a hairdryer) and the other mixed boar bristles and nylon for daily brushing. The owner set me straight fortunately about not wetting the nylon one ( which I should have known if I read the instructions!)
He also helped me choose the right brushes for my individual needs. I am pleased that I had a conversation with him before I placed my order!

Yeah, its awesome

Just go ahead and by this. Feels great, will never need another hair brush

Mason Pearson Brush

Excellent product, excellent service, thank you!

Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Replacing my last Mason and Pearson Hair Brush. I have been using them for years.

Mason Pearson hairbrushes truly are the best!

The hairbrushes have amazing quality and you definitely feel and see the difference on your hair.

So far so good

I like the brush. Still think my hair is still full of frizz after brushing but I will wait and see.


Best hair brush in world. Great size for purse &travel

Great comb

Use for detangling wet hair

Wonderful products and service. Very fast delivery. Thank you.

What my thinning hair needed!

The oils distributed through my hair had me concerned I’d need more washes that would dry out my hair, but 20 min later it was all reabsorbed! Brush glides through my hair and three weeks in my strands are stronger and my curls have less frizz. Yay!

Mason Pearson Small Extra Hair brush B2

Love my new brush. Purchased 3 decades ago a smaller version. It was the best brush ever. Old one started to lose bristles. Needed new one. After researching I needed all bristle one due my fine hair. Since my hair is long, the new brush makes it easier to untangle. I also notice my hair is silkier.
Always recommend Mason Pearson brushes. In fact, my friend brought one after seeing mine.

Great brush!

I love this Mason Pearson brush and it is the third time I have replaced it. I was delighted to get it from Tressence so quickly and efficiently.

Mason Pearson N3 Handy Nylon "Detangler" Hair Brush

I am completely satisfied with this purchase! The Mason Pearson Handy Nylon "Detangler" best meets my hair needs. Tressence provides excellent service and descriptions of which product is recommended for various hair types.. I have ordered Mason Pearson brushes and combs for myself and gifts
for others for many years. I would recommend Mason Pearson brushes and combs to anyone as they are exceptional and of the finest quality. Tressence provides excellent service, fast delivery, accessibility, and discount pricing on items.

Greatest brush ever!!

I love the Mason Pearson Junior hairbrush. Not only does it tame my hair, but it makes my scalp feel wonderful!! It’s a perfect balance between natural boar bristles and nylon. Wish I’d discovered this sooner!! You can’t go wrong with this one!! I love it!!

very nice brush

Perfect. As described. Thanks much, Tressence!

Awesome Brush

Brush is great quality, happy with purchase

This is the one you will cherish, I promise...

I bought this brush for myself, because my husband likes to use the one I bought a year ago! I am VERY picky about what feels good, and what works well...this is the perfect combo of boar hair and nylon bristles in a small, travel perfect size...Love it!


This is a gift. I have had MP brushes for
Over 35 years.

Love this brush

This is well worth the investment, it’s the best brush I have ever owned!

Perfect purse brush

Sadly, I lost my old Mason Pearson purse brush, so I was very happy to find another, genuine one, delivered quickly! Perfect transaction. Would buy from Tressence again, though I hope I do t need another Mason Pearson for a long time!

Fantastic comb

The detangling comb is great! I was sick of my plastic comb snagging and I lost my beloved ox bone comb. The MP comb is gentle and effective, and seems to be very well-constructed.