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Here are all the product reviews that have been generously contributed by purchasers. We publish them in the hope that they will help you find the products that are right for you.
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Pocket Brush

I have been buying this particular Mason Pearson brush for many years. The size is perfect for me and is my brush of choice for my fine and somewhat thinning hair.


Hidden secret

This is the GO TO brush for people who show Pembroke Welsh Corgis. No brush is better with the double coat!

Mason Pearson Child Hair Brush (CB4)

Love It!

Brush is perfect size for a woman’s hands. I love the massage my scalp gets when I brush. Bought it in white, which I love versus the usual black handle. Shipping is very fast and they keep you updated on pkg progress.

Perfect for wet hair

I have long, fine and frizzy hair that tangles easily. This brush easily moves though my hair post washing with less breakage. I have now started to use it for my first brush in the morning. Loving it so far!

Worth the money

I finally broke down and made the purchase. It’s amazing best quality brush I’ve ever had

100% worth the money

It has improved the shine and silkiness of hair almost immediately. This brush is a must especially for longer hair


One of the two best hairbrushes I’ve ever owned. Yes, both are Mason Peason...

Love this comb

I bought this to replace an older one. Love this comb!

Super fast shipping

Mason Pearson Brushing

It was a gift for my 16 year old granddaughter. She loved it. I bought my first brush in England in the 70s!

The perfect brush

Love this brush. Great quality, great packaging and very quick shipping!

Best hairbrush ever!

I have long, thick hair and this brush is wonderful. Shipped really fast also!



My combs were delivered very quickly and I have recommended to all my friends

I love this brush!

I have used this brush for many years and just bought a second one for our vacation home. Well worth the investment. Tressence shipped very promptly.

My favorite hairbrush!

I am a senior and my hair is thin and short. I have tried many different kinds of hair brushes but this one is the absolute best.


I had my previous brush for 30 years. It was time to invest in a new one!

Very happy

My husband has been using this brush for many years. He got this for his birthday.

Our favorite brushes, ever!

These are the best brushes my husband and I have ever owned. Highly recommended for healthier and happier hair and scalp.

Best Brush Ever.

This brush was a birthday gift to myself. I have fine hair, and I have found that the nylon/ plastic (or whatever that synthetic stuff is) does awful things to my fragile strands. My new Mason brush is gentle and feels wonderful on my scalp. Yes it’s a splurge, but this brush will outlast me. Highly recommended !

RAKE COMB great for Detangling thick hair

Glides right through without ripping or tearing. Hair is detangled in minutes. Easy to clean and maintain. Does not disappoint. Should last a long time.

Always Good

Fast service, good products

I've already been using the Mason Pearson Popular hair brush for 15 years. It was just worn out so I just needed to replace it. I know of no other brush that has the quality of this brush, totally worth the cost. I have very long, thick hair and it just glides through so easily. So glad I found it all those years ago and so happy that you were so close by and accommodating when it was time to replace it.