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Here are all the product reviews that have been generously contributed by purchasers. We publish them in the hope that they will help you find the products that are right for you.
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I had my previous brush for 30 years. It was time to invest in a new one!

Very happy

My husband has been using this brush for many years. He got this for his birthday.

Our favorite brushes, ever!

These are the best brushes my husband and I have ever owned. Highly recommended for healthier and happier hair and scalp.

Best Brush Ever.

This brush was a birthday gift to myself. I have fine hair, and I have found that the nylon/ plastic (or whatever that synthetic stuff is) does awful things to my fragile strands. My new Mason brush is gentle and feels wonderful on my scalp. Yes it’s a splurge, but this brush will outlast me. Highly recommended !

RAKE COMB great for Detangling thick hair

Glides right through without ripping or tearing. Hair is detangled in minutes. Easy to clean and maintain. Does not disappoint. Should last a long time.

Always Good

Fast service, good products

I've already been using the Mason Pearson Popular hair brush for 15 years. It was just worn out so I just needed to replace it. I know of no other brush that has the quality of this brush, totally worth the cost. I have very long, thick hair and it just glides through so easily. So glad I found it all those years ago and so happy that you were so close by and accommodating when it was time to replace it.

Loyal customer

I have purchased several Mason Pearson brushes and combs from Howard in the past 12 years..I purchased my son’s first “real” brush as a toddler, he’s now 15 years old and still uses the same brush! I said to him, “I think it’s time to replace your brush for a bigger one!” He looked at me as if I had a 3rd eye on my forehead..and said “No! I don’t want another brush!” Can’t say enough on how wonderful these brushes are, specially the customer service Howard gives to his customers!
Thank you Howard!!!

Mason Pearson brushes are the best! In a league of their own!!!

Quick & Easy. Great customer service!

A Well Appreciated Gift

Mason Pearson combs are amazing, they simply glad through your hair. I have gifted the C2 and C7 combs to my wife and daughters. I personally use Mason Pearson combs, simply the best and Tressence provides fast service, a nice company to do business with.

For my daughter

Bought this wonderful, versatile brush for my daughter. She now knows there is more than one use for this brush. And very sturdy too.

Feels Wonderful

I’ve wanted this brush for so long and I finally got it. The mixture of nylon and boar bristles feels so good on my scalp. For some reason I thought the brush would feel heavier in my hand but it’s quite light. I would actually like it to feel a tad bit heavier I think. Shipping was incredible - it’s like someone was waiting specifically on me to place my order, that’s how quickly it arrived. I’ll definitely be ordering again for the B2 brush and the C1 comb.

Just The Best hairbrush Ever!

I’ve had my own Mason Pearson brush forever and every time I need a gift for a special person, I send them one. Truly best ever. Goes gently and kindly through every type of hair. Smooth - No broken ends. Truly the best daily go to brush ever!

Always satisfied with all my Mason Pearson brushes

Thank you for my brush, I gave my brush to my granddaughter who is fussy about having her hair brushed but would only want to use mine so I purchased a new one from you, and told her she knows good things when she feels it’s right

My Brush

I love these brushes!

Best hair brush ever

A pleasure dealing with Tressence, I got exactly what I wanted for the best price.

Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush (BN3)

You pay for great quality! Great brush & great customer service

The brush is made of great quality and none of the bristles fall out like other brand name brushes. It doesn’t pull my hair. It did take me a bit to get used to the plastic bristles as they are a bit longer than the boar bristles and was rough at first but now it feels like a head massage when I brush my hair. Planning to buy just a boar brush next.

Scalp Pleaser.

My son gifted me with the larger standard brush. Love it so much I decided to get the purse sized one. Instant scalp massage when brushing my hair.

Worth it!

The brush is surprisingly light, a breeze to use. Its mixed bristles provide a great, soothing scalp massage. My (very thick) hair looks and feels lustrous after brushing.

great product

my sister gave me this as a gift when I WAS 15 years old,I have used this brush every day I am 78years old ,still no problems with the brush.

Great brush

This is my third Mason-Pearson brush. I have two at residences and a third for travel. They are simply the best!