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Here are all the product reviews that have been generously contributed by purchasers. We publish them in the hope that they will help you find the products that are right for you.
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Great Service

I have been trying to find this brush and so happy to see it here. I had recently lost mine and had difficulty finding the all bristle again. I ordered and received it quickly. Perfect from beginning to end.

The best!!

Absolutely the best brush I’ve ever owned. I’ll definitely be gifting some to family members.

Brush is Great. However, too small for me.

I purchased this brush because I wanted to take my haircare to the next level. This brush feels great on my scalp and seems to reach deeper into my hair. The finish it leaves is also smoother, compared to other brushes.

Looking back, I should have spent the extra money and got a larger one. My hair is about 18” long and very thick/dense. I find myself using my old Fromm brush, simply because it’s bigger.

I’ll keep this one for mid-day low-tangle brushings. My advise: buy the bigger one!

Excellent comb


Best hair brush

I have used these hair brushes for 45 years. My daughter who is 57 still has her brush from her early teen years. I bought one for each grandchild. I just bought myself a small one for my purse. I love them.

Best hairbrush in the world

Lovely. I had one of these that lasted me 30 years, given to me by my parents as a teenager, and it is wonderful to get a replacement. I thought I would never manage it, not being in the UK any more. I am very happy:)

Was so happy to learn they have a sensitive brush. Pleased with the purchase for sure

Very good, although might have been defective.

The comb snapped into two pieces in less than 30 days.

Tressence Highly Recommended for MP Brushes!

I’ve owned a Mason Pearson brush for many years. It is the best brush I’ve ever used. I bought brushes for my husband and son this time. They love them. The customer service and fast efficient delivery by Tressence was exemplary. Their website is informative and I learned more about MP brushes than I’d ever known. I highly recommend.

junior bn2 brush

It is lovely, luscious, and fantabulous. I haven't used hair conditioner since I started using it. I think that is proof enough of a testimonial. This was a gift from a special friend.

This is the 6th brush I have purchased. Three for gifts. I think they are amazing wonderful.

Junior Mason Pearson Brush in Ivory (BN2)

- Beautiful brush and quality.
- Fast customer service and shipping.

Don’t Brush this off!!

I have been using these brushes for 40 years! I will always use them. I have 3 of them now. I am 65 and my hair is amazing!!!!

A gift not yet given, so no review.

Mason Pearson Junior Brush (BN2)

I bought this brush because my sister said I won’t be sorry. My head had been sore as in my hair hurts? Like maybe I wore hair in ponytail too long. It was weird. Her and her daughter heads also were sore. Since Covid everyone has let their hair grow out. My sister went to her stylist who owns an Aveda Salon for a trim explaining her head/hair hurts. Mine is just above my shoulders. Hers & daughter’s past shoulders. He said you need a boar bristle brush to distribute the natural oils. My sister did the research which showed this to be the best boar bristle brush. She loved it so much she got one for her daughter’s birthday. I resisted another 3 months because I am frugal and just couldn’t justify the price. But my niece and sister’s hair was so shiny and healthy, I broke down and got one. Added benefit is I do not need to wash my hair as often too. It distributes the oils that well for me and my hair no longer hurts. Honestly this is an heirloom to be passed on to a granddaughter.

Wife's gift

My wife has used Mason Pearson brushes for years. She was very happy with the gift and uses it daily. The sensitive brush is appropriate for her type of hair. The extra brush was becoming uncomfortable.

LIVE customer service!

Greetings! I am a first-time customer. I was very shocked when my call was answer by an actual person. Harold answered all my questions and put my mind at ease, especially since I was sad to learn that I could not order direct from Mason Pearson Company. Hence, I was very leary with Tressence but conversing with Harold was like chatting with a friend. God bless Harold! Truly!
Oh, I am very please with the brush Haroled helped me to choose! Thank you!

Mason Pearson Detangling Comb

Love the look anf feel of this comb in my hands.

Mason Pearson Cleaning Brush
Patricia McKenna-Mersch

Fabulous brush!!


This brush is amazing. It is gentle on my very fine hair, and since using it, I have noticed significantly less hair falling out in the shower, on the floor around the house, and in the brush itself.

No visible Damage

The brush is great and I couldn’t see any damage to the box . Great savings!

Hair brush

Loved mason pearon hair brushes