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About Us

Tressence was born of the need to replace the beloved Mason Pearson Popular brush that had provided 22 years of daily service. Unable to find one locally, we turned to the internet, where we found a few sellers with spotty inventory. We thought that a web store devoted solely to offering Mason Pearson at a savings would fill an unmet need, and as it turned out, we were right.

Since 2003, Tressence has remained a small, family-run business. Though we've been encouraged to expand beyond the Mason Pearson line, we've chosen to stay at a scale that allows us to provide personal service and maintain the low overhead that lets us offer these premium products at substantially reduced prices.

We hope our site's exclusive focus on Mason Pearson provides you with an informative and easy shopping experience. Should you need any further guidance, please call us at (206) 395-4632‬ or email us.