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Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush (BN3)

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With its more compact brush head, the Handy Bristle & Nylon is easier to draw through hair, yet provides a full-size handle for comfort in the hand.

  • Best suited for average or denser hair of short to medium length.
  • 6 rings of bristle & nylon tufts.
  • Each tuft contains bristles cut in 2 lengths.
    • Shorter bristles focus on cleaning and polishing the hair cuticle.
    • A longer "spired" nylon filament collects and distribute natural oils that add body and shine.
  • Nylon bristle tips are rounded to provide gentle scalp stimulation.
  • Pneumatic rubber cushion regulates the penetration of each tuft to effectively condition the hair and scalp.
  • Overall size is 8 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches.
  • Special cleaning brush included.

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Customer Reviews

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Lana Liggett
Not sure

I have heard of the Mason Pearson Brushes for years and finally decided to splurge and get one. I was hesitant because they really can’t be returned and I was wondering if it would be worth the money. For me, it really wasn’t the best brush ever. I like a brush to reach my scalp and this one doesn’t. My old brush I had for years was not cheap but not extremely expensive. It has lasted for years and gives you a really good feeling of brushing your hair and scalp. It has nylon bristles but they are firm. I probably would have given the Mason Pearson just a three but I guess it is maybe slightly better than average. Sorry…I wanted to absolutely love it!.

Jocelyne Kent

Excellent website to purchase Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush.

Catalina Montealegre
Best of the best

I won’t use any other brushes. They last a lifetime, unless your dog chews them :(

why not?!

a real mason pearson brush at a discount! why wouldn’t you buy it?? and the brush is obviously amazing but we all know that already!

Arthur Teubner

She loves it

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