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Mason Pearson Products FAQ

How are you able to offer Mason Pearson products at lower price than other retailers?
As a small, home-based business offering the same goods as huge competitors, we have to provide shoppers good reasons to buy from us. Price is not everything, but it counts for a lot. Thus, we monitor the online marketplace to make sure that we always offer an appealing mix of service and price.

With our small scale and exclusive product focus we work hard to minimize every cost in getting the brushes from Mason Pearson to your doorstep. In this way we can always offer our customers the best price while managing to earn enough to stay afloat.

Why do Mason Pearson brushes cost as much as they do?
Though we are not acquainted with the details of Mason Pearson’s costs, we gather that it mostly comes down to labor and materials. Assembling these brushes requires a lot of handwork, work that is done in England where labor costs are similar to those in the United States. Mason Pearson brushes are made with the best quality materials, and the best comes at a cost. This is particularly true of the boar bristle that Mason Pearson uses. This accounts for the considerable difference in price among brushes of the same size in the pure bristle, mixed and nylon ranges. To these factors, you can add the costs of shipping and import duties.

Are you an authorized Mason Pearson dealer?
Tressence is not an authorized retailer. As an authorized retailer we would be required to purchase from the designated US importer and sell at the retail price they set. We import our authentic Mason Pearson products directly from the United Kingdom. The only material difference between products sold by authorized US retailers and those offered by us is the price you pay.

Do the bristle lengths vary among the models?
No, from large- to pocket-size the bristle lengths are identical.

My brush has a hole at the top. Is that a defect?
No, that hole is there to allow air to pass in and out of the space between the rubber pad and the brush handle when the rubber pad flexes during brushing.