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Mason Pearson 101

Since its introduction of the pneumatic hairbrush in 1885, Mason Pearson has built a worldwide reputation for its signature hair brush design. Hand crafted using the finest materials, its performance and durability are legendary.

The Mason Pearson design is a synergy of elements that produce delight in use and results.

Pneumatic Natural Rubber Cushion - The convex cushion yields to pressure as you brush, conforming to your scalp and providing each bristle tuft just the right penetration to allow it to do its work.

Spired Bristles - Each bristle tuft incorporates one or more longer "spired" bristles that reach down to gather and distribute the natural oils expressed at the scalp which give your hair a healthy sheen.

Ergonomic Handle - The smooth curves of the natural cellulose plastic handle rests naturally in the palm. Polished to perfection, its gentle curves provide a comfortable, secure grip for daily brushing.


Variations on the Theme
By varying the head size and bristle materials, Mason Pearson offers a range of models to provide optimal care for each type and length of hair. Whether you need a brush for a toddler's delicate scalp or a latter-day Rapunzel, Mason Pearson has a brush for you.

Nature Does It Best
While man-made filaments have their place, tufts incorporating natural boar bristle have characteristics that make them unequaled for dry brushing.

Like human hair, the surface of boar bristle has a complex microstructure consisting of overlapping scales. The scales act to dislodge dulling dirt while distributing natural oils that give hair a healthy luster.
Because boar bristle absorbs a small amount of moisture from the air, it resists static build up, minimizing fly-away hair.
For their bristle, Mason Pearson goes to the foothills of the Himalayas where the cool climate promotes the growth of top-quality bristle. The first cut yields the best bristle and Mason Pearson uses first-cut boar bristle exclusively.