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Domestic Shipping FAQ

When will I receive my order? 

That will depend on
  • Shipping Day – We dispatch USPS shipments Monday through Friday. FedEx shipping days are Monday through Friday. If we receive your order by 11 am Pacific, we will ship that day, otherwise it will be the next shipping day.
  • Shipping Method – We offer five shipping methods. The range of days in transit is shown with each one when you check out.
  • Destination – USPS shipping times vary by destination, but not distance. If you live in a major metropolitan area shipping time will be shorter than a shipment to a rural area. For example, First Class Mail shipments to New York City often take only two days. FedEx shipments are date-definite, i.e. barring unusual challenges, they will deliver on the date promised at time of shipment.
  • Time of Year –Christmas season often slows USPS delivery times a bit. In December we publish a Christmas Shipping Advisory to help you balance the timeliness of delivery you need with cost of shipment.
How can I track my order?
    We send you an email containing a tracking link when we prepare your order for shipment. If you have established an account with us, a tracking link will included with each order.
    The tracking says my order was delivered, but I have not received it. What do I do?
      This is a very rare occurrence, but it happens. Call us at 206-937-1515 and together we can work out the best solution.