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This brush is just everything you could ask for in luxury!
"We have to treat our hair well.. we spend so much on products/cuts and styling.. why would you NOT want the best brush ever? The pouch is a great travel protector and the shop is quick and responsive. Win win all the way around!"
Lisa G.
Love my brush !
"Definitely would buy from again. Great product. Great service. Was replacing my brush I bought in London in 1981 ! Still use it to, can't bear to throw it away !!"
Mary B.
Best comb I ever had!
"Like combing your hair with silk or satin. "
Ann D.
Mason Pearson bristle and nylon brush
"Fabulous! Thank you for your prompt delivery of this brush. I have had the travel brush for many years and am thrilled to now have a larger version of it. I will definitely purchase from you again."
Great service for the best products!
"I was so excited to run across this website offering Mason Pearson brushes at a discount. Mason Pearson is simply the best. The Junior is my 3rd brush (and 4th MP product). I have the detangling comb, the Pocket brush for my purse, and the Handy. I retired the Handy and got the Junior as my hair is longer now. Had the Handy for 15 years! Shipping was super fast. I would definitely buy again when the time is right for another MP product. :)"
Mason Pearson Hairbrush
"Could not believe I actually paid this much for a hairbrush. Once I received it I fell in love. This is the only hairbrush I will ever use. It is absolutely amazing!!!"
marilyn m.
Great Service
"Not much to add about using a comb. However, the quality of this item, etc is great. I ordered three different types, and the order was as promised, and quick."
Phillip R.
Pocket Perfection
"Super fast shipping, the pocket size is perfect for home and also to carry around. "
Arlene G.
"I cannot be happier with my MP brush..they truly are worth the price. I have very fine hair, and thought I damaged it beyond repair swimming.. deep conditioning, hot oil, masks - nothing helped until I started using my brush!! My hair is so soft and silky.. thank goodness! I would not buy from anyone else - Mr Bernstein spoke with me personally when I ordered, took time to explain differences.. super fast shipping .. and even followed up! Wow! Great buy, great seller!! "
Melanie J.
Excellent product and delivery
"This is the best comb on the market for thick hair. "
 Mason Pearson Pocket
"excellent both the item and service"
Best hair brush made.
"Love this brush. I've owned Mason Pearson brushes since the 1970's. Wouldn't buy any other. "
Lynn M.
love it
"great had one before"
wonderful.!!! I grew up
"wonderful.!!! I grew up in the British Isles so I know how great these brushes are. Thanks for asking. Sincerely, Kathy Meyer"
Kathleen M.
Pearson board brush
"Great fast service fast shipping love the brush I have long five hair and it just glides through love it "
Jacqueline W.
"Having already ordered and received the MP mixed bristle Junior brush from Tressence, I returned for the Handy Detangler, this time in Ivory. What a pleasure both brushes are to use....even to hold! Quality counts with brushes and I know I will be using both for many, many years to come. Thanks to Howard and the Tressence team for fantastic selection and extraordinary customer service! I send everyone your way for luxury haircare."
Wonderful comb!
"I chose this comb (over wood models I was tempted to buy) because I wanted it to be water friendly in the shower. Plus, I have two Mason Pearson hairbrushes (one is 15 years old) and trust the quality and longevity of this brand. And! Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Their communication was terrifit and shipping was lightening fast! This is a great company and I’ll recommend them to others."
My second brush
"I love both my Junior and my Pocket brush. The longer my hair gets the more I know that these are the only brushes for me. Look forward to having your largest brush as my 69th birthday present. Already told my husband thats his gift to me. "
Ann D.
These brushes live forever (almost).
"I have used Mason Pearson brushes for 44 years and bought this one for my son who had been using my original brush that I purchased in London in 1973. It finally needed to be "retired" (not discarded) and so I gave him this new one as a gift and hope he will have it for another 44 years."
Steven D.
excellent product and quick service
"excellent product and quick service"
5-star seller and product, no question
"I was very impressed with Tressence! They provided lots of timely communication on my purchase and shipped both the Mason Pearson hair brush and comb with lightening speed. You bet I’ve bookmarked their site."
Best hair brushes...ever!
"Mason Pearson brushes, (especially the detangler) have so helped me with not pulling out hair because they stimulate the scalp without damaging the hair shafts... I love to brush my hair with it!"
I LOVE my new Mason Pearson brush
"It's a great quality brush and it came in a beautiful light blue color... its an authentic Mason Pearson, I will use it for years.."
Stacey K.
Can't live without my Sensitive Handy
"Have purchased several brushes from you, with the most recent two being the one for sensitive hair. I left the sensitive brush by mistake in a hotel room and was unable to get it back. The first thing I did when I got the verdict that "nothing was found in the room," was purchase another sensitive brush. USE IT EVERY MORNING FOR FIFTY STROKES. It was an expensive mistake that I made in leaving the brush behind, yet I know that I am happy with my replacement and that, hopefully, there is a room cleaning person who is enjoying the brush that they found. With my most recent purchase, I also purchased the travel bag for the brush in the hope that it will help me not leave my brush behind in the future. I figure that, if I store the bag in my suitcase, it will remind me to pack the brush when I pack to vacate the hotel. Additionally, it will protect the brush when I carry it in my tote bag. Understated and good quality!"
"I have owned the identical pocket bristle hair brush (B4) for 22 years. It is of the high quality expected and far superior to similar bristle brushes I have tried over time. It has become a bit frayed with a few bristles missing, so it was time to replace. I have always treated and washed gently."
Liked it so much I bought the Junior size, too.
"I bought the pocket size to see if this brush type would work for my hair. I wanted an upgrade from the small drugstore bristle brush I normally carry with me. My hair is long, thick and generally straight, though I wouldn't describe it as coarse (I'm Asian). It is, however, prone to tangling if I don't keep it in check. I wouldn't use this brush as a detangler because there are better tools for that, like combs and fingers if they are clean. I do like the way this brush glides through slightly unkempt hair. I recommend the nylon/boar mixture if your hair is thick and straight. I always used a boar bristle of some sort, but never one with nylon. I was opposed to the idea of a plastic-type brush but have been pleasantly surprised by this gentle pocket brush. A note on the size: it is definitely a small brush, suitable for a purse or dopp kit and this would be all I need if I had a shorter hairstyle. I used it for a week before deciding I would like a larger size as well. I bought the Junior Nylon/Bristle Mixture brush and love it. It has become my morning and evening ritual to brush my hair slowly with the larger paddle brush. Before I scaled up, I used the small brush for this and it was also quite soothing to my scalp. The Pocket brush is so small but it's a workhorse. It is made from the same high grade materials as the larger brush and does the same thing. It takes a while to brush my whole head but I think it's intended for touching up and smoothing on the go. If this is your first Mason Pearson brush purchase and you're on the fence about saving some money by getting this pocket brush or going for the size you truly want, I would think carefully and do the latter. $90 is a lot to spend on a 'sample' if you think of it that way. If you already have a larger brush and are thinking about a companion brush for travel or work, this brush will make you feel polished and ready to tackle the post-lunch slump. I keep mine in a leather barrel-shaped pencil case. It breathes well, looks nice, and keeps the bristles safe from snagging on other items in my bag. I believe this site also sells slip cases, so don't forget to protect your investment. "
Love these brushes
"I have used the Mason Pearson brushes for years, wouldnt want to use anything else. "
Marian P.
Love the brush and very
"Love the brush and very pleased with discounted price. Delivered exactly when promised with free shipping. "
Fantastic product
"The Tressence.con customer service it without equal and the products are great. My daughter loves her brush. A Mason Pierson brush is a unique gift and a perfect one. It is a daily reminder to her of my caring. What other gift can make that claim?"
Travel Pouch for Mason Pearson brush is a must have item for travel
"Excellent and helps to compartmentalize in carry-on luggage. Store hair products a shampoo and conditioner in the pouch too."