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Best hair brushes...ever!
"Mason Pearson brushes, (especially the detangler) have so helped me with not pulling out hair because they stimulate the scalp without damaging the hair shafts... I love to brush my hair with it!"
I LOVE my new Mason Pearson brush
"It's a great quality brush and it came in a beautiful light blue color... its an authentic Mason Pearson, I will use it for years.."
Stacey K.
Can't live without my Sensitive Handy
"Have purchased several brushes from you, with the most recent two being the one for sensitive hair. I left the sensitive brush by mistake in a hotel room and was unable to get it back. The first thing I did when I got the verdict that "nothing was found in the room," was purchase another sensitive brush. USE IT EVERY MORNING FOR FIFTY STROKES. It was an expensive mistake that I made in leaving the brush behind, yet I know that I am happy with my replacement and that, hopefully, there is a room cleaning person who is enjoying the brush that they found. With my most recent purchase, I also purchased the travel bag for the brush in the hope that it will help me not leave my brush behind in the future. I figure that, if I store the bag in my suitcase, it will remind me to pack the brush when I pack to vacate the hotel. Additionally, it will protect the brush when I carry it in my tote bag. Understated and good quality!"
"I have owned the identical pocket bristle hair brush (B4) for 22 years. It is of the high quality expected and far superior to similar bristle brushes I have tried over time. It has become a bit frayed with a few bristles missing, so it was time to replace. I have always treated and washed gently."
Liked it so much I bought the Junior size, too.
"I bought the pocket size to see if this brush type would work for my hair. I wanted an upgrade from the small drugstore bristle brush I normally carry with me. My hair is long, thick and generally straight, though I wouldn't describe it as coarse (I'm Asian). It is, however, prone to tangling if I don't keep it in check. I wouldn't use this brush as a detangler because there are better tools for that, like combs and fingers if they are clean. I do like the way this brush glides through slightly unkempt hair. I recommend the nylon/boar mixture if your hair is thick and straight. I always used a boar bristle of some sort, but never one with nylon. I was opposed to the idea of a plastic-type brush but have been pleasantly surprised by this gentle pocket brush. A note on the size: it is definitely a small brush, suitable for a purse or dopp kit and this would be all I need if I had a shorter hairstyle. I used it for a week before deciding I would like a larger size as well. I bought the Junior Nylon/Bristle Mixture brush and love it. It has become my morning and evening ritual to brush my hair slowly with the larger paddle brush. Before I scaled up, I used the small brush for this and it was also quite soothing to my scalp. The Pocket brush is so small but it's a workhorse. It is made from the same high grade materials as the larger brush and does the same thing. It takes a while to brush my whole head but I think it's intended for touching up and smoothing on the go. If this is your first Mason Pearson brush purchase and you're on the fence about saving some money by getting this pocket brush or going for the size you truly want, I would think carefully and do the latter. $90 is a lot to spend on a 'sample' if you think of it that way. If you already have a larger brush and are thinking about a companion brush for travel or work, this brush will make you feel polished and ready to tackle the post-lunch slump. I keep mine in a leather barrel-shaped pencil case. It breathes well, looks nice, and keeps the bristles safe from snagging on other items in my bag. I believe this site also sells slip cases, so don't forget to protect your investment. "
Love these brushes
"I have used the Mason Pearson brushes for years, wouldnt want to use anything else. "
Marian P.
Love the brush and very
"Love the brush and very pleased with discounted price. Delivered exactly when promised with free shipping. "
Fantastic product
"The Tressence.con customer service it without equal and the products are great. My daughter loves her brush. A Mason Pierson brush is a unique gift and a perfect one. It is a daily reminder to her of my caring. What other gift can make that claim?"
Travel Pouch for Mason Pearson brush is a must have item for travel
"Excellent and helps to compartmentalize in carry-on luggage. Store hair products a shampoo and conditioner in the pouch too."
product and customer service outstanding
"perfect and unexpectedly good. less washing and healthier glow. "
Love the service, love the
"Love the service, love the combs. "
Extraordinary quality
"Mason Pearson had been recommended by a hair professional and it exceeded my expectations. I have "good" long hair and now I have "beauteous" long hair, full and lustrous. "
Who doesn't love a Mason Pearson brush?
"I had a B1, but in a moment of weakness gave it to my daughter-in-law. Found Tressence and was able to get my own. Their staff is super helpful! "
Great Price and Premier Service
"Since I was a young girl, the only brushes my family ever had were Mason Pearson brushes. They're just the best brushes you can buy and yes, they are pricey. That's why I was very glad I found Tressence. The price was reasonable and honestly, I had that brush in a couple of days after I ordered. I could not be more pleased with this site and the service they gave me!"
Great hairbrush, great price!
"I love it. I am so glad I finally broke down and bought this brush. It helped that it's sold at a great price. "
Cara H.
Better than I hoped!!
"This is a lovely product. It is worth every penny! Great service and prompt delivery from the Tressence. Company. Highly recommend. "
Great product and service
"I have bought several brushes and combs from Tressence. Love Mason Pearson products and They are delivered promptly. "
Mothers Day gift
"She loves the brush. "
danny f.
Love it!
"This brush is unlike anything I've ever used. My scalp is less oily and my hair ends are so much healthier. My hair is shinier and more controlled. It's a huge investment but definitely worthwhile!!"
Scarlett P.
The quality of this brush cannot be overstated
"After a few days of use during travel I see a difference in my ends and my hair looks so much healthier!"
Scarlett P.
A family heirloom choice
"Have been using Mason Pearson brushes since my youth . There is none better . Even gave the mini version to my grand daughter on her 12th 🎂. May the tradition continue for many generations ! "
Mason Pearson Brush is a great brush
"My husband, and I have been using this brush for years. Your price was good, and we were pleased. We will order from you again when we need another brush."
I purchased one brush and
"I purchased one brush and one detangling comb of mason pearson from your site. The comb works amazingly which detangles my hair in a few strokes with care. However the brush is supposed to be for sensitive scalp with thinning hair feels a bit harsh on me! Not sure if this is what it should be ? "
Mason PEARSON Child Brush
"Love this brush for my son's curly hair ! It's the best ! "
Beautiful brush, silky hair
"This brush is a dream- top quality craftsmanship. I love to brush my hair with it before bed for extra hair pampering. If you're looking for an exquisite and unusual gift, consider a Mason Pearson!"
Best hairbrush ever!
"I am a fan! Bought one for me and one for my grandkid. Now I get to brush her hair! "
Nice brush, super fast shipping
"Excellent! Fast shipping!"
Laurinda G.
Just perfect
"It could not go more smoothly! Brush is beautiful. A happy wife is a happy life "
Love my brush!
"This is the second Mason Pearson brush I have ordered. I'm a big fan!They work wonderfully and have a beautiful design.. I ordered the white. It is like a piece of art on its own. "
Mason Pearson is the best
"Mason Pearson is the best brush in the world for people with thick long hair. The small brush is perfect for purses and travel"