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My first!
"I love it! Howard thanks for your help."
Charlotte S.
amazing service
"And amazing product. Very happy with both. Came much quicker than I had expected"
Marianne W.
Full head of hair
"This brush is magic. My hair feels so full after brushing with it. Where has it been all my life. Thanks to forgetting my “old” cheap bush and having to use my friends Mason Pearson I was hooked!! Love it"
Best brushes around
"I owned my first Mason Pearson brush for 25 years. Finally a couple bristles fell out and I decided to purchase a replacement. This second brush will outlive me, I am sure."
Colette F.
Detangler Brush
"This is my 3rd Mason Pierson brush! I love my new “Detangler” brush! I have long curly hair and it’s perfect for when I wash it..Highly recommend this item and this site for ANY of your purchases on a Mason Pierson brushes! Howard is an amazing person to deal with!"
Letty C.
Great Brush. Great Company
"I was a little nervous spending this much on a brush and doing so online. I am very happy I did. The brush arrived quickly. It came with all the packaging and the certification of authenticity. My hair has actually never looked better. I wash my hair at night (every few nights ). Let it air dry with some product on it. I brush it out with the MP Popular Brush in the morning when it’s dry. (Other brushes make my curls frizzy at this point. This brush doesn’t !!). Then I take a heated wand and just freshen the curls a little. This brush has eliminated any need for a blow dryer. It’s pretty amazing ! "
Comfortable brush - Fast Shipping
"Professional and fast service. Very beautiful and gentle brush."
"excellent product quickly delivered"
I Didn't Get IT!!
"I contacted your website on Friday 9/14 with a message to inform you the brush never arrived. The P.O. tracking says that it was put in my mailbox, but it wouldn't fit thru the slot. Please see my email. Thank you,"
Love my hairbrush
"Excellent. This brush is amazing! "
Travel pouch for my handy Mason Pearson brush
"The pouch was perfect to carry my Mason Pearson brush while traveling this summer! I love my Mason Pearson brushes and combs! This pouch is exactly what I needed to carry them in! I highly recommend it! "
Letty C.
The holy grail of hair brushes.
"These brushes are beautifully crafted and authentic. The service was superb, I placed the order on Tuesday and received it on Friday. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but honestly Tressence offers the best price. These are luxury products that are meant to last a long time, so in the long run they are worth it. If you're on the fence about buying these brushes, honestly just do it, you hair will thank you later. I'm even planning on purchasing brushes for each of my 4 sisters as gifts."
Wonderful brush that’s worth the price
"This site has the best pricing and selection for Mason Pearson. Very happy with my purchase. Pocket size is perfect for my fine, shoulder length hair. "
Carly C.
best product
"I am so glad I found this seller -his products are the best. I keep this comb in my pocketbook. Perfect size. Any item you buy here will be perfect and he ships fast and every item is well protected from the perils of shipping. "
Marilee J.
Excellent brush
"Wonderful brush; the first I have ever liked and I LOVE it!"
Rake Comb
"Excellent comb to use on wet hair!"
Wonderful Hair Brush
"I chose the Handy hair brush which works perfectly for me thanks to the excellent information on the Tressence website. I look forward to ordering the pocket size next."
Patricia S.
Only hair comb you'll use.
"Using any of these combs (rake comb, rat tail,) made a believer of me. No more rough areas of cheap combs that would snag or pull out wet hair while combining. These combs are so smooth and well made - besides being beautiful. I have even give some as gifts and had been told, "omg where did you purchase this comb, I can't beleive the difference, I now use my old comb to groom my cat" well no need to say more, it's a must have."
pocket brush purchase
"these little brushes are every bit as powerful as their larger counterparts for quick detangling and adjusting..i have one that lives in the door pocket of my car and another in my travel kit..have used only mason-pearson brushes on my waist length hair for a decade..and this is absolutely the best place to buy them!"
"This brush is wonderful for my purse. This is the fourth brush in less that three month, I think, simply because of the excellent product and amazing customer service from Tressence. The price is considerably more than I have ever spent on hair grooming, but I do not begrudge a penny spent. One, so far, was a very appreciated gift. "
mason pearson brush
"The best brush ever. Quick shipping time."
Katie F.
Strongly recommend
"Mason Pearson brushes are one of the little things that make a huge difference, last forever, and are well worth the investment. This was my first time ordering from Tressence. Initially, I ordered the wrong size. The return process was seamless, I was able to reach the proprietor easily, and I was happy to reorder the larger size knowing that this was the best price available."
Essential Comb
"Excellent. This was purchased as a backup for the same comb purchased two years ago, which remains intact. The comb is perfect for my wavy hair and, because it is seamless, does not break hair. The tips are smooth and comfortable."
BN2 - fabulous experience
"I bought total of 3 brushes. BN2, B2 and CB4 for travel. Everything came as expected and very fast. Quality is as expected from Mason Pearson. Howard is a gem to work with. He is most helpful and efficient. I will definitely recommend him."
Rowena L.
Great travel bag. Holds 2 brushes
"Great pouch for traveling. Holds the wet and dry brush neatly. "
So far it’s good
"Just got it for a short time so can’t say any thing but so far it’s good quality and my hair better every day. Thank you!!!"
Tran D.
Great service; very nice brush
"This service was very prompt and the brush was obviously well-handled before shipping. The price as also good."
Shayne E.
A long love Affair
"I also purchased a Comb this time. All others I’ve seen have a seam down the sides of the comb tines, which seemed like it couldn’t be good for my hair. My new Mason Pearson comb is smooth and wonderful. "
Paula Z.
Great online experience
"This is a classic brush that will stand the test of time."
Best Brushes Ever
"Absolutely great experience. Love them. My favorite brushes now. "
Kim S.