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Trust me: trust
"Normally if I have to buy something online, I go to the three or four websites I know and trust: eBay, Amazon, etc. (I know Amazon is evil, and I try not to use them, but if I have to, at least I know my personal information is safe). Everything about—from its name to its font—filled me with apprehension about my transaction. However: I really wanted that pink Mason Pierson brush. So order I did, and what do you know? It arrived quickly, exactly as described on the site, and unless I missed something, no extra funds have been removed from my bank account, and no bad actor has borrowed my identity. I am not only thrilled with my purchase, but honestly, my faith in humanity has been ever-so-slightly restored. Thank you, ""!"
Travis W.
Mason Pearson Brush with a Slightly Damaged Box
"I love Mason Pearson brushes! They are always rated the best hair brushes and I have bought several in different sizes (e.g., a purse-sized one to carry with me during the day) from Tressence. Tressence is wonderful and they offer a complete selection of Mason Pearson brushes and just recently, I bought one that was offered at a small discounted price because the box was slightly damaged. The brush was absolutely fine and I am totally enjoying it! Thank you very much, Mr. Bernstein!"
I love my new hair brush!!
"My new hair brush brings back great memories from my childhood. I haven’t had such a quality hairbrush since I was young. It’s an incredible hairbrush that I was thrilled to find! Thank you for selling such a wonderful product. "
Best Brush for Long, Thick Hair
"Been using this brush for 50 years. Have waist length thick hair. Gets to my scaph without issues, very good for de-tangling without breakage. Get at least 10 years before I replace."
Tina S.
Mason Pearson Handy Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush
"Mason Pearson Hairbrushes are the best, hands down. Especially if you have lots of hair, and even if you don’t. The quality of bristle is excellent and makes a huge difference in the result of brushing. I am just glad they still make them, I have been using them for 30 years ."
Mason Pearson Hairbrush
"Service was FANTASTIC "
Already looking to buy the pocket size
"I was still semi skeptical that mason Pearson brushes were worth the price and I’m happy to report they are. The ends of my hair are much smoother and behave better as well. "
Excellent product and service
"Quality product and purchasing experience "
“Your hair is really shiny”, says husband
"The brush is very pleasant to use and is making my hair shine so much that my husband even noticed (and he didn’t even know about my new brush yet). Comb untangles my hair nicely. Set is beautiful. A good investment. "
Best brushes on the market.
"They are long lasting. I have been buying them for myself and as gifts for 30 years. My last one lasted 25 years."
Love shopping with Howard!
"Awesome! As always. Have ordered from Tressence several times and have always been pleased with every aspect of the purchase. "
Charlotte A.
Best brushes
"Excellent product"
Best brush ever
"Every one should own a mason Pearson brush. Until you try one you don't understand what a difference a good brush can make. Plus super fast shipping."
Julie S.
Mason Pearson Brushes
"Pretty good. On time delivery and the product was well received by my wife. I have purchased several brushes from you in the past. Thank you for your excellent service"
Allan M.
Great Brush
"I got the brush for my daughter as she's been eyeing mine for the past 20 years. I love.. love it. You take care of it and it will last a life time."
Nancy J.
Perfect and painless
"Excellent service; excellent product. This is my third such brush purchased from Tressence and I expect to buy more in the future."
Perfect as usual. Every time
"Perfect as usual. Every time like a head massage. No one paid me to say this, in fact I paid! Worth every penny."
Terrific deal
"I had two of these hair brushes, and lost one while travelling. When the "special deal" appeared, I took advantage of it to replace the missing brush. Now I have one just for travel, and it is in its own case. I will use this hairbrush as long as I have hair."
Excellent Brushes and Excellent Service!!!
"Bought these brushes for my wife and my kids. They all love them. I got my wife's old one and it's still a great brush. Also the customer service and great pricing at make this site a no brainer to buy from. Very Happy customer!!! Thank you!!!!"
Great Customer Service!
"Mason Pearson's brush names and descriptions are super-confusing. It was so nice to be able to call Tressence and get a REAL person who patiently explained the differences among all the brushes and helped me figure out which one would be best for my hair type. I could have bought this brush anywhere, but I chose Tressence for their great customer service!"
second one i bought--this one as a gift
"these are great brushes!"
Catherine C.
"Great product and very easy to deal with this company."
Jack B.
Great brush - great customer service
"I love my new Mason Pearson brush - it makes my hair very smooth and shinny. I wish I bought one sooner. The customer service of Tressence was great - I called the owner and he gave me great advice on which one to buy. Also, they had the best price."
Doris S.
Love this brush!!!!
"Excellent!!! Great quality and service!!!"
Great deal great brush
"My new go to place for masons. I’ve used masons for 20 years and Tressence has the best price and service "
Excellent service, brushes and combs
"Excellent service, brushes and combs were sent professionally in boxes that fit the brush boxes perfectly."
worth every penny!
"Everyone should have the pleasure of using this brush!"
Best Hairbrush Ever!
"My brother sent me a Mason Pearson hairbrush as a gift, which I thought was a bit unusual. After using, I became a huge fan. I am now ordering them as gifts for my daughter and my 5 year old granddaughter who asked her mom if they could get a hairbrush like Mimi's. It's hard to explain, but it just feels better than any other hairbrush I have used."
Janeen F.
Don’t hesitate to purchase from Tressence!
"Tressence has got the best price point and, in my opinion, the best customer service in the U.S. for Mason Pearson brushes. I received mine quickly and have been loving it ever since. Howard was always promptly available at the other end of the phone when I had questions, and I will come back here to purchase any future Mason Pearson products. Thank you for your kindness and caring! I love my new brush, it’s like a dream come true to have one."
Emily L.
Best Brush Ever
"This brush is the bomb for detangling my thick knot prone hair. Just love it."