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Feels Great!
"The nylon brush is gentle on my hair and stimulating for my scalp. I have the all bristle brush and love it, but am very happy to have the nylon version. Bonus? Can be used on a wet head."
Claudia S.
Love this brush
"Even better than my last Mason Pearson !"
Incredibly, a Match of Product and Customer Service
"I bought a Mason Pearson hairbrush from Tressence and was so pleased on the signifant discount on the authentic brush, that I promptly ordered two more hairbrushes. One brush is for my daughter, an AF pilot with beautiful long hair. It’s her birthday present, she’s never had a nice hairbrush and it’s long overdue. Big, big thanks to Mr Bernstein who made a special delivery effort for my daughter. Count me among the list of loyal customers."
Claudia S.
"Best brush ever. Great delivery service!! Fast. Efficient. "
Prompt service
"Mason Pearson is the best brush maker so I was pleased to find Tressance had them for a more reasonable price. It arrived right away, successful transaction."
New to Mason Pearson
"I have fine hair that is totally gray (yes, I’m that old!) so need to treat my tresses nicely. So far, so good….and my scalp gets a massage, too!"
Bonita C.
Best hair brush
"I purchased a brush for myself 10 years ago and loved it so much I bought one for my daughter "
Love this brush!
"This brush is perfect for de-tangling my hair and helps to make it shiny and smooth. Definitely worth the money!"
Keri S.
My unusual meeting of the Mayson Pearson brush,
"In the year of 1974 I went to a friends home where she owned a poodle grooming business. I know we aren't supposed to use Mayson Pearson on animals, but this lady was financial able to use her dollars as she pleased so she had her favorite poodle dyed pink and never used any other brushes on her pet except M.P.I helped her out in her business, and she asked me to go with her to the supply house where she purchased supplies. I was surprised at her purchases, she gave a toy to every dog she groomed, and they were brushed with Mayson Pearson brushes. she wanted to buy a brush for me. I accepted the brush of my choice, mid size boar bristle -B3. I have used it every day since. Now the bristles are beginning to show sign of wear, and for 44 years I have used my brush. I hinted to family before Christmas that I needed a new Mayson Pearson brush. They didn't take me seriously, so after Christmas I ordered one for myself. I love it, and as I am now 90 years of age, I will be using my new brush for the rest of my life. I want to thank Mr Howard Bernstein Proprietor, for getting my order sent quickly. I just love my new brush, and would recommend this hair investment to others."
Vadie S.
Mason Pearson (jr) hair brush
"I was uncertain as to witch one to get. Mr. Bernstein helped me decide on the right one for my hair. I have the brush now and I really like it. It is my first really good brush. Thank You"
Dianne E.
Love the tail comb
"I love this comb! It is excellent for back combing and parting my hair!"
Sharon M.
Excellent service and pricing
"It is exactly what I wanted and ordered"
Love it!
"Took me awhile to pull the trigger and buy this brush, but I love it. My hair is shinier with less breakage and the brush feels so good gliding through your hair. It is just the right amount of pressure to the scalp to invigorate and distribute the oils. I’d definitely buy it again."
Wendy R.
Mason pearson
"Wonderful. Probably tmi but I'm a recent no poo girl and needed some help. The first time i used it i was amazed at how much oil came out of my hair. It has been a week and i love it. Already Have softer hair"
Sandy W.
I have very thick hair
"I have very thick hair and have always used Mason Pearson brushes, there is no other brush like them. Tressence had the one I needed at a great price and was quick about sending it."
Great Experience
"Wonderful - fast shipping, no problems - exactly what I needed in time for Christmas. "
love it
"Most I’ve ever spent on a hairbrush but, I love it!"
Shannon S.
Family Affaire
"As with my last purchase of Mason Pearson brushes Tressence offered the best price and service. Thank you!!"
Jennifer M.
Great brush!
"I got this brush to replace one with the nylon bristles, and I love it!"
Best prices online
"Great first customer experience with Tressence. Best prices anywhere on the Mason Pearsons. Quick shipping. I’ll definitely be a returning customer. I got the MP sensitive - it’s exactly as described. Needed a gentle bristle for my very brittle hair, and it is just what I’d been searching for. "
Great brush as advertised
"Great classic brush, feels great, looks great and ships fast. "
Aleksander S.
Best comb ever! Works beautifully and is paired with my Mason Pearson brush!
"Excellent! I loved ok forward to its having a long life!"
Great customer service!
"I LOVE Mason Pearson brushes and Tressence is the BEST to purchase from. This is my 4th brush I have purchase from Tressence. Excellent customer service and fast shipping! Thank you! "
The Perfect Gift
"I was looking for a special gift for my girls. After purchasing my first brush this Fall, I knew it would be the perfect gift. I love my brush enough to buy five more! "
Theresa G.
The mini-me of Mason Pearson
"I enjoyed my Handy size so much, I purchased the Pocket size to keep in my briefcase. I am enjoying it immensely and so happy to enjoy the MP treatment during the workday also. Shipping was super-fast and well packaged as usual!"
Arrived quickly
"Product as expected. Arrived quickly. "
great transaction
"fantastic! great company!"
An unexpected but welcome gift
"My college age girls were both super happy when Santa gave them Mason Pearson brushes for Christmas. They understood that the gift signified that they had reached a milestone in their journey toward womanhood. The younger one told me “This hairbrush is a game changer!” "
Carol M.
Everyday gift
"Wife loves it.... surprised whe she received it.."
Mario S.
Surprise Christmas Gift
"Twenty-five years ago I was given a hair brush for Christmas. I thought at the time it was an unusual gift and didn't know whether I would ever use it. Well twenty-five years later I am now finally replacing that unusual gift that I use every day. One of the best gifts that I have ever received!"
Doug B.