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"This brush is wonderful for my purse. This is the fourth brush in less that three month, I think, simply because of the excellent product and amazing customer service from Tressence. The price is considerably more than I have ever spent on hair grooming, but I do not begrudge a penny spent. One, so far, was a very appreciated gift. "
mason pearson brush
"The best brush ever. Quick shipping time."
Katie F.
Strongly recommend
"Mason Pearson brushes are one of the little things that make a huge difference, last forever, and are well worth the investment. This was my first time ordering from Tressence. Initially, I ordered the wrong size. The return process was seamless, I was able to reach the proprietor easily, and I was happy to reorder the larger size knowing that this was the best price available."
Essential Comb
"Excellent. This was purchased as a backup for the same comb purchased two years ago, which remains intact. The comb is perfect for my wavy hair and, because it is seamless, does not break hair. The tips are smooth and comfortable."
BN2 - fabulous experience
"I bought total of 3 brushes. BN2, B2 and CB4 for travel. Everything came as expected and very fast. Quality is as expected from Mason Pearson. Howard is a gem to work with. He is most helpful and efficient. I will definitely recommend him."
Rowena L.
Great travel bag. Holds 2 brushes
"Great pouch for traveling. Holds the wet and dry brush neatly. "
So far it’s good
"Just got it for a short time so can’t say any thing but so far it’s good quality and my hair better every day. Thank you!!!"
Tran D.
Great service; very nice brush
"This service was very prompt and the brush was obviously well-handled before shipping. The price as also good."
Shayne E.
A long love Affair
"I also purchased a Comb this time. All others I’ve seen have a seam down the sides of the comb tines, which seemed like it couldn’t be good for my hair. My new Mason Pearson comb is smooth and wonderful. "
Paula Z.
Great online experience
"This is a classic brush that will stand the test of time."
Best Brushes Ever
"Absolutely great experience. Love them. My favorite brushes now. "
Kim S.
Great brush..great service
"Only brushes i ever buy...over the years..they last a long time!"
Catherine C.
"Both the product and service are excellent and impeccable. I truly recommend you purchase this one and from this company."
Annabella V.
Excellent product and service
"Both the product and service are excellent and impeccable. I truly recommend you purchase this one and from this company."
the Royce Rolls of brushes
"It is just the best brush out there - period !!!"
Loved it makes me happy
"Loved it makes me happy when I use it"
eva c.
Magic Brush!
"The brush is amazing. It gives so much volume if you brush with your head down. Most importantly it really cleans and stimulates your scalp. I no longer use dry shampoos, I feel this way better and healthier. Also, customer service was excellent!"
Jackie H.
Mason Pearson Hairbrush
"Great company and amazing high quality product! Worth the price. Highly recommend!"
Mason Pearson Popular Hairbrush BN1
"These brushes are expensive, but I consider them an investment in a lifetime of hairbrushing. An excellent gift as well."
Love the hair brush and the service.
"Couldn’t ask for better service."
Sandra R.
Another great purchase
"This was my third Mason Pearson purchase from Tressence and it was outstanding, as always. Tressence provides a smooth and speedy transaction and a fantastic selection of Mason Pearson. Many thanks!!"
Best Brush in Town
"Not only do my husband and I use your brushes, but we have one for our Havanese. Mason Pearson is a family affair!"
"Great product, personal service, and fast and timely delivery"
Finally got one!
"I love using the brush, but truth be told I am almost afraid to because of the cost! I don't know why the Mason Pearson brush is so dear, but I'm sure I'll realize it soon. Thanks for the great service!"
Jodi D.
Mason Pearson hair brush
"My mother was thrilled when she received her new mason Pearson hairbrush. She had had her old one for about 75 years and it needed replacement. I got just the same color and style. And it arrived so quickly. Ecellent brush ad excellent service"
I love this brush
"I’ve been wanting to purchase a mason Pearson brush for a while and finally pulled the trigger! I’m very satisfied & I love my bristle & nylon brush! I have fine short hair and this brush is perfect. I highly recommend buying your brush from Tressence, it was the only place with the pink & blue handle selection and was shipped and at my doorstep in 3 days!"
Very Pleased
"A high quality well made brush. The bristles have just the right amount of stiffness for thick hair. I debated between this model and the larger size and am happy I chose the Junior brush. It fits perfectly in my (female) hand and is comfortable to use. I’m quite pleased with the purchase. "
was for my mother in law
"She used it and loved it and will order more if she lives that long"
Don't Postpone!
"I love this brush. I had always wanted a Mason Pearson brush and I finally have purchased the travel size. I only wish I had done this years ago. Yes, it's a bit expensive but when one considers how often hair brushing and grooming occurs it's not a burden. I have very fine hair and lots of it. I ordered the full boar because of the fine hair recommendation. I just can't say how much better my hair looks using this brush. It's color treated so it's important for the shine and my hair stays cleaner longer. If you're hesitating don't! And this is the best price on the internet so it's a win-win!"
Rake Comb
"I have been using Mason Pearson for years...have purchased 4 brushes and now this comb. I got it for my daughter who has thick long wavy hair...she has a heck of a time after washing her hair. I read the comb helps with tangles and massages the scalp. I haven’t given her the comb yet, but no will work super. I buy Mason Pearson with extreme confidence. Their products never fail to deliver."