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Happy in Healdsburg
"Excellent brush"
The perfect brush
"This brush is the only one I have found that can brush through my wet hair (very thick and long) without pain. I love this brush. "
Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush (BN2)
"This is a wonderful hairbrush. I will never use a different kind of hair brush. I also want to comment on the service provided by Tressence. The ordering was made so easy. You provided the information I wanted. I knew exactly when my brush was sent and delivered. Thank you."
A must have. Quality always is.
"I have a small version in my purse and the large in my dressing table. They have proven to be the only brush ever needed or wanted. My resent purchase was for my daughter. She had her brush for a long time. On a resent trip with friends it was misplaced. A replacement was at the top of the stocking stuffer list. She was very happy to hear that she would be getting a replacement for Christmas. It's a must have in our family. Thank you for the swift delivery. "
Ann B.
"Great product at a great price! Excellent service!"
Excellent experience and hair brush!
"I was searching online for a Mason Pearson hair brush but did not know who to trust to sell these authentic brushes. Tressence had it all with the best brushes and the best prices. I had the best experience with Mr. Bernstein who helped me to pick the best brush for me. He was available and happy to help in any way he could. He will give you not only exceptional products but exceptional customer service! I will definitely buy from him again. Thank you!"
Excellent. I received a rapid
"Excellent. I received a rapid response to what I thought was a lost item. The owner of the company called me directly and was polite and went the extra mile to sort out what happened and resent an item promptly. Thank you for the excellent service."
Rake Comb
"This comb is a fabulous luxury. Who spends this kind of money on a comb? Well, I bought three: one for myself and two as gifts to go with the Mason Pearson Popular brush (also purchased from this site). I have owned one of the brushes for years and look forward to using it every night. When my daughter requested the Popular for Christmas, I found this site and decided to get the combs as well. It is incredible—the tooth ends are softly rounded and feel unlike any other comb I have ever used. The comb itself is a beautiful tortoiseshell and feels great in the hand and hearty enough for thick, wavy hair. It glides through the hair like a whisper. I am very happy with these purchases and the site. I strongly recommend both!"
"I have purchased Mason Pearson products from on several occasions. I've always been happy with the quality service and price. Mason Pearson products might cost a little bit more but they are the best. I received my brand new pocket comb took it out of the packaging and placed it in my back pocket. And now for the bad news, regrettably I lost my comb on the exact same day that I removed it from the packaging. I'm so sad now I'm without a comb."
Richard F.
My favorite brushes
"This is just the latest in a long line of these brushes I have been using for more than 30 years. They eventually lose bristles (I don't treat them very well) and I have to get a new one. I have long curly hair and the combination bristles are great for my scalp. Thanks!"
Top Quality
"This is the second Mason Pearson brush I bought, this time as a gift for my wife. These brushes are just top quality and I highly recommend them."
Thomas B.
mason pearson from tressence
"I love my Mason Pearson brush. I inherited my mum’s and finally it had begun to lose bristles so i got this new brush, which arrived promptly. THe old brush felt great but the new one makes brushing my hair feel like it used to - as though there is a full and healthy head of hair to pull the brush through. My scalp appreciates the stimulation. I havent brushed my hair with such satisfaction and pleasing results for a long time - i realize, now, since I’m using the new brush."
elizabeth m.
Very satisfied customer!
"Love the brushes and appreciate the time taken to respond to my questions."
Cecilia B.
Best Brush I've Ever Had!
"I've noticed an improvement in my hair's overall health and shine. I highly recommend this brush!"
Honest and Great communication
"Honest sales person, excellent after sale service, Great communication experience. Though not completed purchase this time, I’ll definitely come back to Tressence for future purchases."
Weiling T.
"great product and speedy fulfillment of the order."
Love this brush!
"This is my second Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush. Had the first one a solid 20 years before it began to wear out. Good price for a long-term investment."
I have been using your
"I have been using your brushes and combs for years. My recent just ran out after 25 yrs. I have 2 one for primary and one for travel in my spit kit."
Bernard R.
Good stuff
"Wonderful brush. Good size for my husband’s hand but not too large for mine "
Pocket sensitive
"I owned a Mason Pearson brush 30 years ago and lost it. My kids gave this newer version as a gift. I’m thrilled that there is a softer bristle for my thinning hair. It’s truly a pocket size and great for my handbag and travel. I love this brush and will brush regularly in hopes of improving my hair. I will purchase from Tressence in the future as they had the best price and customer service when I called with questions. Thank you, Tressence!"
Joanne D.
Great quality
"Loved the brush, makes my hair soft and silky. Shipping was fast, if I ever want to purchase something from mason pearson I will come to this seller again. This brush is an investment but worth it"
ani c.
Amazing combo
"I is an awesome comb doesn’t snag or tug the hair. Doesn’t break or split the hair. It is finely made and worth every penny. "
Love Mason Pearson brushes
"Excellent. I am never disappointed by the quality and how much better my hair looks. I have used them for decades. "
Love my brush and Tressence's service is great!
"I really thought all of the hype about a simple hairbrush was overblown. I was wrong. It is beautifully made and a pleasure to use. The brush handle is substantial and fits well in the hand. Brushing is a pleasure and my hair feels smoother. I wish I had made this purchase ages ago. Shipping was also quick and well-packed. Thanks so much!"
"Effortless. This is my second Mason Pearson ‘Junior’ brush (my 22 year old daughter stole my first one).. I was so happy to find that Tressence was still around and still selling these beautiful brushes. I would recommend to ANYONE and would not purchase anywhere else. And Howard Bernstein is a lovely man who is very honest and professional. He will personally answer any questions or concerns. "
Great brush, great service
"My mother was British and we always had a Mason Pearson brush in the house. I’d forgotten how wonderful they are. I should have purchased the full size instead of the Junior size - my only regret."
Nina B.
Best Brush Ever
"Amamzing brush, rather expensive but I believe it will last a lifetime. Strongly recommend it, especially for long hair!"
Fusun C.
Great purchase
"Everything was great, fast delivery"
Hanna M.
Outstanding personal service
"I highly recommend ordering from Tressence! There was a problem with the delivery of my hairbrush that was entirely the fault of my mail carrier, not Tressence. Even though it was the post office's fault, Howard at Tressence was extremely helpful in helping to resolve the issue. I would order again without hesitation. "
Michelle S.
Love this brush!!!
"Love this brush!!!"
Celeste M.