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Domestic Shipping
What are the free shipping options?
  Free Airmail Shipping is provided for all orders of $25 and up destined for USA addresses. The free shipping method will be either USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail, depending on shipment weight. Shipments that qualify for free First Class Mail may be optionally upgraded to Priority Mail at an additional charge. We find that most of the time, First Class and Priority parcels have identical delivery times. As Christmas nears, Priority parcels may arrive a day or two sooner.
When will my order to a USA address ship?
  USPS - Same-day shipping is provided for paid orders received by 1 p.m. Pacific time, Monday - Friday and by noon on Saturday. No shipments are made on Federal Holidays.
FedEx - Same-day shipping is provided for paid orders received by 1 p.m. Pacific time, Monday - Friday. Orders submitted after the daily cutoff time will ship the next shipping day.
Will I receive my order in time for Christmas?
Here is our best advice on selecting a shipping method that will achieve pre-Christmas delivery for parcels delivered to most US addresses. We ship from Seattle, Washington 98116.

USPS First Class/Priority Mail - USPS First Class and Priority Mail provide remarkably swift and reliable air-expedited service at a price that allows us to include free shipping with our low pricing. However, as Christmas approaches, transit times grow a day or two longer. An upgrade to Priority Mail may well increase the likelihood of pre-Christmas delivery. Priority Mail is now a date-definite service, promising delivery in 1 to 3 days. You can use the Priority Mail Delivery Map to determine transit days using Zipcode 98116 as the origin Zip Code.

Priority Mail Express - Priced a little higher than FedEx 2Day service, USPS Priority Mail Express reaches most addresses overnight, but some may take two days. The Express Mail Commitments webpage will tell you when you can expect a parcel to arrive at a location by providing the expected shipment date and our Origin Zip Code, 98116. Reliability is very high, but not quite that of FedEx Express.

FedEx Express - For fast, highly reliable, date-definite delivery, FedEx is the way to go, though it can be expensive. If you are shipping to a rural or remote area, we recommend that you visit the FedEx website to confirm that normal transit times apply to your destination, or call us for assistance at 206-937-1515. Use 98116 as the "From" Zip Code.

Orders placed through 1 pm PST Monday - Friday will be shipped the same day. On Saturday, orders to be shipped by the USPS placed by noon PST will be shipped the same day. FedEx shipments are dispatched Monday through Friday.

Probability of pre-Christmas Delivery by Shipping Date

USPS First Class Mail
USPS Priority Mail Check Map Check Map Check Map
FedEx Express Saver
USPS Priority Mail Express
FedEx 2Day
FedEx Standard Overnight
FedEx Priority Overnight
Virtually certain, barring extreme weather that shuts down airports and/or roads.
Likely, but don't count on it. Recommended for optimists who can bear disappointment.
Very risky, but still possible. Recommended only for gamblers on a budget.
Definitely not, unless you believe in Santa Claus.